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More people working remotely. Dispersed teams. Reduced travel and events. The world needs a platform dedicated to building strong relationships and engagement no matter where people work. Congratulations. You've found the future of relationship-building.

Preciate was created with the core purpose of helping others build stronger, more authentic relationships. Our original research shows the positive benefits of relationships on our happiness at work and beyond. No matter where you are, having strong, authentic connections with other people is powerful and beneficial.

Everyone everywhere deserves to experience the power of human connection. People want their lives to have meaning and their relationships to be strong. We believe everyone should have the best possible opportunity to make this a reality. That's why Preciate makes products that are simple, affordable, and scalable.

Giving recognition strengthens relationships and makes people happier. Virtual socialization and having shared experiences also helps people to strengthen their connections with each other. Our pricing model, including a unique Forever Free tier, enables everyone on the planet to grow together with Preciate - regardless of financial circumstances.

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