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1701 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20006-5805
About Groom Law Group, Chartered:

Church plans can be exempt from ERISA and many provisions of the IRC, and are subject to numerous obscure special requirements of their own. Clergy and foreign missionaries in particular are subject to a number of special rules. Groom Law Group, Chartered has extensive experience assisting church plan sponsors and service providers. This experience includes:
• Advising on when a plan meets the church plan requirements, and when, if ever, the election to opt into ERISA under IRC section 410(d) should be made.
• Drafting church plan documents for compliance with 401(a), 403(b), 403(b)(9) as well as welfare plans.
• Obtaining IRS private letter rulings and determination letters on church plan issues and documents.
• Advising on the implications to the church plan and its investments of not being subject to ERISA, including special opportunities and pitfalls that may arise.
• Assisting on related church plan exceptions from the securities laws and certain insurance laws.

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